On 10 November 2012 just after midnight police in Weston-super-Mare  were called to assist a woman and a man in the sea. There was an incoming tide and the lack of light made it difficult to see the casualties and an urgent call was put out requesting life rings and to contact the Coastguard.

PC Darren Bond, prepared to enter the water in his boxers, white shirt and hi-vis tabard, taking with him a life ring and a torch he entered the water and headed towards the two casualties. PC Bond was soon assisted by SC Thomas Kettleborough.

Upon reaching the casualties they discovered the woman was trying to walk out to sea and didn’t want to come back to the shore and the man was walking with her, but not trying to stop her. They managed to encourage the man to make his way back to the shore but he kept coming back as he didn’t want to leave the woman.

The woman fought against PC Bond and SC Kettleborough as they tried to get her back to shore and when they eventually reached shallower water they were assited by TI Nigel Prideaux. Between them they managed to get the woman back to shore where they were then joined by several other officers and the woman was taken to hospital.

A presentation was held on Tuesday 22 November where Chief Superintendent Julian Moss presented PC Bond and SC Kettleborough with The Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK) Certificate of Commendation and TI Prideaux a Certificate of Recognition. Ellen Moore, Head of Volunteer Engagement attended the presentation on behalf of RLSS UK.

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