RLSS UK Masters have achieved seven Gold, two Silver and three Bronze Medals already at this year’s World Lifesaving Championships!

This year’s championships are currently being held in the Netherlands and run from 1 – 18 September.

RLSS UK’s Chief Executive, Di Steer said: “We are really proud of everyone from RLSS UK who is competing at the World Lifesaving Championships.

“All the preparation, hard work and training is really paying off which is clear from the amazing results they are all achieving.

“A special mention goes to Elaine Lewis of Bournemouth Lifeguard Corps who is Triple World Champion, breaking a World Record in the process!

“We wish everyone the best of luck throughout the rest of the competition.”

RLSS UK Masters medal achievements:


Elaine Lewis – 100m Manikin Tow with Fins (60-64) World Record 01:36.15

Elaine Lewis – 50m Manikin Carry (60-64) 00:59.30

Retford (Theresa Tomlinson and Karen Atkin-Moore) – Line Throw (45-49) 00:18.30

Folkestone (Donna Wickens and Jennie Amos) – Line Throw (55-59) 00:16.45

Bournemouth (Elaine Lewis and Dorothy Fox) – Line Throw (55-59) 00:18.71

Blyth (Gavin Little and Adam Payne) – Line Throw (55-59) 00:12.25

JARC (Adrian Attwell and Stuart McGlinchely) – Line Throw (45-49) 00:12.24


North Worcester (Natasha Lane and Romaine Webb) – Line Throw (35-39) 00:32.34

Blyth (Linda Taylor and Lynn Ross) – Line Throw (40-44) 00:18.11


Elaine Lewis – 100m Manikin Carry with Fins (60-64) 01:32.86

Donna Wickens (Folkestone) – 50m Manikin Carry (50-54) 00:49.32

Blyth (Zelah Weedy and Michele Weedy) – Line Throw (40-44) 00:16.98

Retford (Ian Hutchings and Peter Moyes) – Line Throw (55-59) 00:30.25