Three RLSS UK Rookie Lifeguards scooped gold, silver and bronze awards at the 2013 Kellogg’s ASA Swimtastic Awards last week.

The top RLSS UK Lifesaving Award was given to Caoimhe Preshur, who is 11-years-old from Oldham. Ten-year-old Amy Vine, from Wickford in Essex, and nine-year-old Alex Maddren, from Billingham, were crowned with silver and bronze medals respectively.

The girls travelled to Cocks Moors Woods Leisure Centre, Birmingham, on Saturday (November 16), and were joined by the best in British swimming including Paralympic gold medalist and BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year, Josef Craig. A star-studded awards ceremony followed in the evening and was attended by sporting stars, including Olympic medalist, Sharron Davies, and Commonwealth champion, Robbie Renwick.

After the event, Caoimhe’s mum, Abigail Bown, said: “Thank you so much to the RLSS UK for nominating Caoimhe for the lifesaving award. We had a fantastic time at the weekend and Caoimhe was so amazed to meet all the stars and to actually win! The event was fantastic, really fun and such a special thing for her to experience.”

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Well done girls! We hope you’re proud Rookies!

Caoimhe Preshur – RLSS UK Lifesaving Award Gold Winner

Caoimhe Preshur (Left)

In March this year, Caoimhe was on a boating holiday in Sheffield when she noticed a young boy slip off the deck of a narrow boat and into the canal. The quick-thinking school girl, then ten-years-old, screamed for help and jumped into the water, holding the boy’s head above the surface until family members rushed to help.

Already a strong swimmer, she has now completed the first Rookie Award at Oldham Sports Centre and is now not only an official Rookie Lifeguard but a holder of the RLSS Young Person’s Certificate of Commendation for her rescue.

Amy Vine– RLSS UK Lifesaving Award Silver Winner

Amy Vine (Left)

In August this year, Amy was on holiday with her family when her younger brother, Joe (aged seven) got into difficulty in the sea. Amy’s father, Ian, went to rescue his son and, once Joe was safe, began to panic in the deep water himself.

Already a strong swimmer, Amy noticed her Dad in trouble and began swimming towards him. Speaking to him very calmly, she told him he must listen to her and do what she said. She took hold of him and kept him calm whilst guiding him to safety on the sandbank.

Alex Maddren – RLSS UK Lifesaving Award Bronze Winner

Alex Maddren – Left

Whilst on holiday in Thirsk, Alex’s cousin entered a swimming pool at the deep end without realising and soon got into difficulty. The nine-year-old Rookie Lifeguard quickly used her initiative to her get cousin to safety.

Alex adapted the conventional lifesaving tow as her cousin was too frightened to let her perform the tow she had learnt, so she proceeded to swim below her cousin whilst supporting her under her armpits; she took a series of deep breaths whilst pushing her to safety. Alex has now been awarded her RLSS UK Young Persons Certificate of Commendation for applying everything she had learnt accurately and calmly in a situation of real danger.

The Kellogg’s Swimtastic Awards are organised by the ASA, the national governing body for swimming, and celebrate the achievements of swimmers of all ages and abilities from around the country.