Published 21 July 2021

RLSS UK Accounts provide many services ‘under one roof’; they give candidates, Members, Trainer Assessors, Instructors, Tutors, Training Centres, Training Providers, Clubs, and Branches the tools needed.  

RLSS UK Accounts also provide candidates with access to their certificates, CPD (Continuous Personal Development) and online learning opportunities; Members access to their exclusive benefits; Trainers access to training resources; and much, much more.  

Our development work continues, and we are launching new features all the time. We wanted to update you on the functionality that is already available and what is still to come! 

Click the links (in blue) to be taken to the guides!

All users can

✓ Claim or create your account
✓ Edit personal details in the system
✓ Update mailing preferences
✓ View RLSS UK and IQL UK qualification history
✓ Download your current qualification and CPD certificates
✓ Access FREE Online Learning 

All Members can

✓ Sign up to become a member and pay online
✓ Renew current membership (instructions in the email reminder)
✓ Set up a Direct Debit for membership payments 
✓ View and access all your membership benefits

Trainers and Instructors can

 Complete Updates and Opportunities 
 View available Updates and Opportunities 
 Access resources for Training and Assessments 
 Advertise a course(s) 
 Register a course(s) 
Set the delivery address for course resources  
 Set up pricing rules for courses  
 Receive and manage enquiries for courses 
 Add candidates onto courses
 Order course resources 
 Manage course payments and cancellations  
 Purchase and assign credits 
 Download theory assessment papers (for First Aid, NPLQ & NPSQ only) 
 Enter and submit assessment results 
 Manage a failed candidate 
 Delete a course 

Approved Training Centre (ATC) Coordinators can

✓ Check and edit your ATC/ATP details
✓ Invite people to link as ’staff’ to the ATC (individual and upload)
✓ Allocate user level and roles for staff
Bulk upload people to the ATC
✓ View linked staff CPD and qualifications records with the ability to download certificates
 View courses/assessments that have taken place at the ATC/ATP 
 Access ATC/P resources   

Clubs can: 

 Check and edit club details 
 Create a child account  
Change the club role of individuals or remove individuals from the club
 View the qualifications and awards for members 
 Advertise the club using Club Finder  

Still to come for Clubs: 

Pay club Membership 
Add child (under 13s) members to your club 
Check the status of Criminal Records Checks (Club Welfare (Officer(s) only) 
Pay membership for club members 
Set up to take online payments through the club
 Manage your email settings
Manage your privacy settings 

Branches can:  

 Manage Honours nomination process 
 View members within your branch  
 Communicate with Branch Members  
 Create and promote events, such as Branch AGMs  

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I’m thrilled with the results of the new Course Management system. My candidates passed on Sunday, and I was able to have their certificates processed on Monday morning! This is game-changing stuff and will make sorting certificate enquiries so much easier! 

Sean Kelly, RLSS UK Trainer Assessor   

I've fully completed our profile in our RLSS UK Account and successfully registered all our courses on the new RLSS UK Course Finder. After looking at the help videos on the RLSS UK website, the system was all really easy to follow, and I would recommend these helpful videos to anyone with an RLSS UK Account.”  

Rob Jones, ATP Coordinator, Broadway and Failsworth Lifesaving Club