Published: 10 May 2022

RLSS UK Trainer Assessor Joshua Dovey has secured his role in the media team for the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. We are looking forward to hearing how Joshua gets on this summer. Read more about Joshua's story so far...

"I applied last June to be a volunteer for the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. 

"I was delighted to discover I was successful in getting an interview. This involved me visiting Birmingham Library, to have a quick tour with much interesting information about the Commonwealth Games. During the interview, I mentioned all of my swim commitments and progression in the aquatics industry. I was so excited when I heard I was successful and that I had been chosen to help at the brand new Aquatic Centre in Sandwell. I will be part of the media team, and this role will allow me to support journalists and broadcasters and be right up in the action with all the swimming races. I am really looking forward to taking part in this amazing event!

"My love of swimming started at the age of 5. I obtained all the STA swim badges up to the Platinum Award, before then moving onto the Survive and Save programme and completing the Gold Award in 2013. I volunteered at my swim school as a helper initially, before being employed as a swim school assistant. I trained to qualify as an Assistant Lifesaving Instructor, where I discovered my passion for teaching both swimming and lifesaving skills. I progressed to an RLSS Lifeguard in 2017. More recently, I trained as a Swim England Teacher and then as an RLSS Trainer/Assessor in December 2021.  I am now teaching and also assessing NPLQ courses.

"I am hearing impaired and wear two hearing aids, but this has not stopped me from achieving my goals. It has, in fact, been an advantage in that I can inspire the next generation of swimmers."

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