Here is a step-by-step guide to registering water rescue equipment on the GoodSAM app if you have an account. 

Open the app

A screenshot of the home page of the GoodSAM app

Log on to your account 

A screenshot of the log-in page of the GoodSAM app

Navigate to the fire/perry buoy/+ icon

An example of the icon to look to register equipment on the GoodSAM app

Select Water rescue equipment from the Emergency kit information list

Screenshot of the list of Emergency equipment registers including water rescue equipment

Complete the rest of the Emergency Kit Information Form – including details such as if you are the owner, if it is publicly accessible, and upload a photo - by selecting yes, the option to add an image will appear.

When you upload a photo of the Water Rescue Equipment, it will automatically plot your location; you can manual
ly move the pin to make it more accurate.


A screenshot of the form to complete on the GoodSAM app
Provide further information in the additional information box, such as details of adjacent landmarks. A screenshot of the location selector on the GoodSAM app

Click the red Submit button 

A screenshot of what appears when you sucessfully register a piece of equipment on the GoodSAM app

The location of the water rescue equipment will then be added to the map. 

Do not worry if the location of your water rescue equipment doesn't appear; RLSS UK or GoodSAM may need to verify the location. 

Plot more water rescue equipment! 

A screenshot of water rescue equipment on the GoodSAM app

Once approved by GoodSAM, the water rescue equipment will appear on the map and be available to the millions of emergency service workers and lifesaving civilians who use the app every single day!

 Screenshot of the GoodSAM app with water rescue equipment plotted