Thank you to everyone who took part in our survey in 2022, aimed at members aged 16+.

We had 457 complete responses. Your feedback is hugely valuable in helping ensure our membership packages continue to meet your needs. Below is a summary of our key findings and the actions we’re taking as a result. 

  • 91% are proud to be a member
  • 76% can see how their membership supports the charity's work
  • 80% are satisfied or very satisfied with their membership
The survey showed confusion around the names of our Membership packages. As a result, we’re simplifying the packages on offer for those aged 16+:
  • Licence to Operate (TA) For RLSS UK Trainer Assessors
  • Lifeguard For RLSS UK qualified Lifeguard
  • Lifesaver For anyone involved in voluntary lifesaving or supporting the charity in other ways
Howden’s Benefits isn’t working as an effective discount scheme for most of our members, so we’ll be looking for other discount partners moving forward
Many of you would like to see discounts from RLSS UK Shop. We’re working with our shop team to see what we can offer in the future
Members delivering our qualifications and awards told us how important it is to them to hold an RLSS UK Membership Card. Therefore, we’ll be retaining this benefit for these members.

Most valuable benefits by member type

Licence to Operate
Access to our Course Management System (powered by Tahdah)

Access to Continued Professional Development (CPD

Professional Insurance Cover

Welcome Pack (new members only)

Access to your local branch and wider RLSS UK community

Copy of the RLSS UK Magazine