Submersible manikins play a vital role in the training and assessment of lifesavers and lifeguards. They are used to simulate the rescue of a casualty who has been submerged in water. 

It’s important to ensure you have selected the correct manikin for the training or assessment that is being conducted.

Under 16 years old and the use of manikins

For lifesaving/lifeguarding awards or qualifications when teaching under 16’s, the instructor or trainer should use a manikin appropriate to the size of the individual. They must also consider the physical ability and development of the individual they are teaching.

RLSS UK recommends that the Pool Rescue Manikin – Junior, be used for all awards and qualifications taken by candidates under 14-year-olds, especially if inexperienced, during their training and assessment. However, where it is deemed appropriate due to the physical capabilities of the individuals being taught instructors can consider introducing full-sized Rescue Manikins. This may include individuals who are training for lifesaving competitions as they will be expected to use a manikin consistent with the following rules:

·        12-14 years old – Rescue Manikin (half-filled to the top of the white line) - All manikins will be half full. (The manikin will be filled to float with the top of transverse line at the surface). 

·        15 years and over – Rescue Manikin (fully filled).

Instructors should only introduce half-filled rescue manikins to 12-14-year-olds when they are assured that individuals have the strength and ability to cope, safely. We recommend introducing manikins slowly, first introducing training with empty manikins and then filling them a quarter full.

16 years and over and the use of manikins

For any lifesaving/lifeguarding awards and qualifications that are available for those who are 16 and over the following approved submersible manikins should be used within a training or assessment scenario:

Please note that athletes and candidates over the age of 60 years old may choose to tow half-filled manikins in competitions and when completing the RLSS UK NLA Sports Awards Only.

Where a training provider has an alternate manikin, it must be a minimum of 90cm in height with a minimum submerged weight of 50 kg to be used in a training or assessment scenario.