Here is a step-by-step guide to registering water safety equipment on the Water Rescue Equipment Register without a GoodSAM account: 

Visit the GoodSAM website -

A screenshot of the GoodSAM website

Click the red 'burger bar' button (which turns green when you hover over it) and select SOLUTIONS from the dropdown list

A screenshot of the navigation bar of the GoodSAM website

Select Equipment kit registry from the next dropdown list 

A screenshot of the solutions available on the GoodSAM website including the emergency kit registry

Select water rescue equipment from the next options

Screenshot of the list of Emergency equipment registers including water rescue equipment

Complete the rest of the Emergency Kit Information Form – adding details such as if you are the owner, if it is publicly accessible, and upload a photo - by selecting yes, the option to add an image will appear.


A screenshot of the form that needs to be completed to register the water rescue equipment

You can select the precise location using the map and postcode finder. To do this, start by typing in the address or postcode closest to the device being mapped and select from the suggestions. You can also click/tap on the map to adjust the location. 

When you upload a photo of the Water Rescue Equipment, it will automatically plot your location; you can manually move the pin to make it more accurate.

Provide further information in the additional information box, such as details of adjacent landmarks.

Screenshot of the location selector map on the GoodSAM website

Click the red Submit button 

Once your submission has been verified you will then receive an email informing you that you successfully registered the equipment (this might take a couple of days). 

Screenshot of what appears when a piece of rescue equipment has been successfully registered