We have been hearing good feedback from members, supporters and colleagues that have been using the pools since they opened. Here are just a couple: 

“It was good to be back swimming after so long. Things are different, but the new pool etiquette had clearly been carefully considered, was well communicated and the general public were adhering to them in the main. The lifeguarding team offered their usual reassurance with their presence and I felt really energised afterwards. I booked via an app that was super easy to use and added a reminder to my calendar.

Whilst it might take a little while to adjust to the new ‘normal,’ at the swimming pool I felt safe and wouldn’t hesitate to go again and have already booked a slot for Thursday.”  Andrew Maisey, Witney, Windrush Leisure Centre managed by Better UK

Initially, I admit to being cynical about having to book your lane swimming session, mainly as I expected it to be over-booked with the usual jostle for space but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

From arrival to leaving, the whole experience was staffed, well-explained, clear and well-managed. Nuffield had emailed members ahead of their opening date, to go through in detail, the procedures for entering and using the gym facilities, so I knew what to expect and they’d made it easy to adhere to on arrival. The temperature check at reception was quick and from there, the routes through the building were clearly sign posted.

Priority for swimmers was given in the changing rooms, with clear markers on which lockers and showers were in use. Once poolside, I was left in no doubt that the jacuzzies, steam room and sauna were all totally out of use. The session was lifeguarded and he was happy to answer any questions we had, 12 was the capacity for each lane swim session, with each bookable session only lasting half an hour. Members are allowed to book more than one session a day but there’s a gap between each half hour, making a solid hour booking impossible.

Gym and class users are encouraged to arrive dressed to train and shower at home, pool users are encouraged to clear the pool and changing areas, as soon as they can.

I’ve not ventured onto the gym floor yet but I will and I’m looking forward to it. There has to be a real concern for operators though, how financially viable it is and for how long, they can continue at this reduced capacity. Claire Huggins, Nuffield Health, Birmingham Central