Being confident and competent in the water, through learning basic lifesaving provides children with the tools to enjoy a lifetime of fun in the water.

Learn the Water Safety Code 

Here are some instructional videos to help you to nurture these basic skills during family swim time

Getting in and out safely

Building the strength and stamina to enter and exit the water safely are critical skills that can be taught safely in a pool and are transferable to external, more challenging environments.

Slide-In entry
Climb out

Safely staying afloat

When falling into the water or becoming unexpectedly overwhelmed, the temperature of the water can have a surprising and life-threatening impact. Learning how to stay afloat is lifesaving.

HELP position

Safely moving through water

If you find yourself in the water but don’t have something that floats to hold on to then lean back, extend your arms and legs and keep your mouth out of the water.

We are naturally buoyant, and our clothes provide an extra level of buoyancy

To help stay afloat and move through the water here are some skills to teach