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Teya’s story is not a one-off. Young People speak up. Drowning is preventable. Even one drowning is one too many. Download our free water safety advice, resources and online lessons to #enjoywatersafely. #Drowning is preventable. 

The abridged version for social media

Vicki and Fiona are united by one aim: to encourage parents to teach their children how to stay safe and enjoy water safely.  Please help us to prevent other families from having a tragic story to tell.  Download our free water safety advice, resources, and online lessons to #enjoywatersafely. #DrowningPreventionWeek.

The abridged version for social media

Filling UP - This video was created from real life events and is designed to highlight risk taking behaviour of young men. Focusing on the impact and devastation of not making the correct decisions whilst enjoying the water

Frank Saves a Life - Frank heroically saved a young girl when on holiday. As part of Drowning Prevention Week, he give us his top tip - encouraging everyone to learn basic lifesaving skills and learn how to swim.

Basic Lifesaving Skills Saves Lives - In March 2021, Gradley Dawson was out with his dog when he spotted somebody in the water. Having been trained by an RLSS UK Lifesaving Club, many years before, he was able to remember his training and save a life.

Donna Akodu - worship leader and songwriter, shares her swimming journey. From shying away from the water to now describing swimming as a fun part of her life. Donna explains how there is need to normalise swimming in her community to ensure that learning to swim and learning water safety skills will flow through to the next generation.

#enjoywatersafely tips right from the horse's mouth. Lifeguards understand the water better than any of us, amazing advice that could save lives