Being a lifeguard is a fulfilling and rewarding career but don't just take our word for it!  Below are just some of the reasons our lifeguard have told us they love their jobs: 

"I love how I qualified 17/18 years ago and still have kept up with my qualification, watching the children come as tiny babies and grow into great swimmers some of which even now work for me. My next step will be to train as an assessor and deliver my own courses and train the next generation of lifeguards." Sarah Hunter 

"No longer a lifeguard or a trainer as I've handed my skills over to the younger generation. However, on arriving at my local pool it is really gratifying to be greeted by "my" "boys and girls" with respect and obvious pleasure. Looking forward to seeing you all again "boys and girls". Keep up those skills I gave you and keep adding to them as things change." Lynette Mantle 

"This year will mark my 20th year as a lifeguard/trainer assessor and now manager at the same centre I started out at! Every day brings a new challenge but knowing you work and train as part of a highly skilled team makes the job easier x" Charlene Maguire

"Supporting safe and enjoyable opportunities. For sure!" Rich Lloyd

"I love the sense of doing a good job. Knowing that you’re the one keeping those people safe! That your skill set could be called into action at a moments notice and your adrenaline will be pumping before you have a chance to blink. The satisfaction of knowing you’re going home having helped someone whether that be simply by keeping them safe or you have actually made a rescue fills you with pride knowing that you did that and you may well possibly have changed someone’s life." Ryan McCotter

"No day was the same whether at pool or on the beach, but every day felt worthwhile. The shared experiences with team members bonded friendships for life and today I still meet (virtually at present) with lifeguards I worked with in the 70s and since. Knowing we made a difference allowing people to enjoy water because of our presence but especially when we carried out a rescue and avoided a tragedy that would have impacted on a family and their friends." Cav Burchell

"The magic feeling that surrounds you after saving someone's life. That heartfelt bright smile you see on their faces, leaving panic and fear behind. Lifeguarding has changed many people's lives and I believe it can change the world." Zoe Themistoklea

"I love being a mentor to new trainers and to see my teams at various sites demonstrate effective lifeguarding to give the confidence to people enjoying the water the way it should be." Graham JM

"Must love my Job been a lifeguard for 40 years" Julie York

"I used to be a lifeguard! I renewed my NPLQ last year and I would love to become a TA however I don’t work in the leisure industry anymore" Oliver Bennington-Flair

"Put simply... helping others πŸ™‚" Chris Arm

"Being part of the local community outdoor pool and local school" Gemima Kay-Savage

"I first became a lifeguard 30 years ago! I love the Rookie lifeguards - seeing them grow into our lifeguards of the future.... I love that I can train and help lifeguards be poolside for so many people then be able to swim ... As a swim teacher I love lifeguarding the children as we teach them water safety and swimming skills and finally as a Fin 2 Fit instructor to see people have such fun in a safe way πŸ’¦β˜€οΈ πŸ™Œpools can reopen πŸ˜€" Rachel Callister

"#teamworkmakesthedreamwork" Cheryl Colby

"Where to start... love that being a lifeguard with the RLSS is so inclusive .. the support & opportunities I have been given have been wonderful.. most of all though, being a lifeguard has brought many amazingly talented people into my life .. I am always learning from others & am in awe of the talent and skill around me 😊" Helen Bull 

"I love lifeguard training. I feel such a sense of accomplishment after finishing a water-based session. The sense of fulfilment I get knowing that if I'm needed, I can help. I've missed lifeguarding so much during this pandemic. Bring on the 25th (which is also my 30th birthday so it must be a lucky day!!!) 😁😁😁" Candice Arnold

"Watching the pool ensuring everyone is safe enjoying their swim, watching the children in their swimming lessons with their smiles on their faces achieving their goals and watching them grow with confidence each week very enjoyable it’s not just a job! xx" Louise Francis-Clarke

"Seeing the benefit that swimming has to the customers and seeing everyone being able to enjoy the pool. Love the fact the lots of the customers have become friends purely through meeting at the pool and check up on each other if ever they don’t come in." Sarah Harries

"I love being a NPLQ trainer assessor...seeing the happy faces when they receive their "pinks" and knowing that I'm giving more and more people lifesaving skills ...hope this countsπŸ€—πŸ€—" Karen Gray 

"Educate swimmers so they don’t get themselves into a difficult or dangerous situation in a pool or when having fun with family and friends in the open environment teaching them basic self-rescue from an early age" Carol Affleck 

"No 2 days are the same, you can have days with very little going on & days where you are constantly in & out of the water helping keep the customers safe." Karen Massetti

"I enjoy watching people grow in confidence in and around the water. Especially watching young tots from timid water babies to confident toddler keeping me on the edge of my high chair." Louise Stewart

"Being a lifeguard has had many advantages for me. I started out when I was 16 when I was kicked out of education. I left with no grades and career and a lasting message from my teachers telling me "don’t worry you will always be a failure” so I started lifeguarding and this opened up so many doors for me. I have worked as a duty manager, swim development manager and progressed to a centre manager. I have now moved on to be a training manager for a large company. I still have my NPLQ 10 years on. Every role I have worked in I have used the skills such as communication and teamwork. Being a lifeguard doesn’t mean it’s just used within a pool environment the skills are transferable to every company and role. I have so many thanks to give to the NPLQ qualification and Royal Life Saving Society UK - RLSS UK, as if it weren't for you guys I wouldn't be where I am now!" Tom Lee

"Gotta say the best thing about being a lifeguard is the moment when a guy you rescued comes back with a card saying how you gave him a second chance. That stays with you forever." Alex Matt Slater Smith

"I love the sense of purpose and responsibility, working as a team. It’s a lovely job to do with every day being different and always new challenges to tackle.😁😁🏊🏻‍♂️" Sam Levy

"I love the satisfaction I get, going home at the end of a shift, knowing that people were safe and had a good time because I was vigilant and observant - even if they don’t realise." Dave Dickinson

"Socialising and educating with all the different range of adult to children giving them a chance to understand water safety and about protect everyone while at the swimming pool and the lake and rivers!! NPLQ Royal Life Saving Society UK - RLSS UK #everydayhero!" Oliver Doyle

"I love making memories that last a life time, guests that return back will remember you ❀ and love working with such an amazing team." Sophie Milward

"Being able to help and assist the swim teachers and advising swimmers on safety and also having fun xx" Liz Stewart

"I love that this qualification may help save someone’s life and no value can be put on how precious life is. Education is key and I have since become a TA so that other lifeguards can spread the message of water safety. β›‘ 🌊 πŸ„πŸΌ‍♀️" Hailey Sturdy

"Being part of a team. Helping and teaching our customers. Being able to make a difference to people's lives." Jean-paul Jacques Averill

"Meeting different people. From all walks of life. The stories they have to tell (obviously not while on the pool)" Chez Appleby-Gardiner

"Being able to help people and work in a great team πŸ™‚" Jess Alderman-Rowe

"I love the chance to swim and learn more about technique from swim club coaches for free as I often help them set up flags lanes and floats for them I get some great tips and information about improving myself, It's made my timed swims quicker more efficiency and boosted my confidence in water rescues." Simon Peck 

"Seeing the put enjoyment in the love people have for swimming, whilst having the ability to ensure they can do so safely 😊" Laura Patterson

"To actually be part of something and work with a great team 😎" Emma Priddle

"I have been a lifeguard for just over 20 years and the thing I love the most is the relationship I have developed with all the customers to my facility over those years and seeing how they have progressed in the goals and on occasions help support them in achieving those goals in a safe manner and makes me so happy when they say hello and use my name and I use there’s to show the amazing community that is made by the swimming environment." Mike W

"I have been a lifeguard for over 33 years, I love the interaction with the swimmers, both young and old, being able to ensure safety of the bathers, through both active and passive supervision, watching babies grow up become older and even bring their own children swimming, although there are hard times, there are also good times, the team- both at work and out. Rescues/ both wet and dry, training and learning new skills, sad times when resuscitation hasnt been successful, happy tomes for childrens birthday parties. Being a lifeguard for me has been a calling." Ray Leggett 

"I am just short of 30 years of being involved in leisure and pools. I really enjoy learning more about pools and lifeguarding every day. I truly believe that every day is a learning day. Let's all pull together and support the industry and the RLSS UK." Ian Ogilvie

"I've been a lifeguard for 26 years. I truly love seeing customers I've known from babies now bringing their babies. I love training the new lifeguards and watching their careers. I also enjoy watching my young rookie lifeguards move onto the full NPLQ and progress and I'm proud when working together we pull off some great rescues." Hannah Glazier

"I have been a lifeguard for 38 years started with bronze medallion in 1983 I have done a few rescues over the years and I wanted to pass on my knowledge that I had learnt over the years that's why I became a T/A. I love running courses and getting the best out of new lifeguards. I still keep in contact with most of them that i have trained. The lovely bit about training is that you're learning all the time and RLSS are always their for any silly question that you may have. Thank you RLSS and all your amazing staff." Marie Kelly

"21 years of holding an NPLQ and the pleasure of training others to become lifeguards and TA's love helping others in their path into leisure." Susan Murrell

"I've been a lifeguard since 1984. I still love it. It has certainly changed a bit since 1984, but you have to change with it. I still have the same passion as I had back then." Dave Clint

"Penblwydd Hapus G9 πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸŠ‍♀️ doing it in #NorthWales" Nick Aitken

"Happy birthday πŸ₯³ Gen 9" Lee Ford-Hunt

"I have been a Lifeguard for 21 years. I have almost drowned 6 times and thankfully was rescued each time. I like to think I am giving back by preventing the same happening to anyone else (The reason I have been a TA for 11 years)" Nikki Banks

"My favourite thing about being a lifeguard is the access to lots of free things." Adam Wynn

"My favourite thing is training lifeguards of the future." Marg Cawley

"Had my Lifeguard qualification for too many years to remember but what I love is still being able to beat a lot of the youngsters in the time swims 🀣🀣🀣" Kirsty Stewart

"My favourite thing about lifeguarding is being able to get back to work and do the job l love.... soon pleaseπŸ˜€" Anne Sullivan

"I have been lifeguard qualified for 40 yrs have loved being able to develop my skills and progress through the industry via rlss qualifications,and training have loved over the years training youngsters to swim then years later train them to become lifeguards and find jobs in this field locally either on permanent basis of for summer work keep up the good work rlss great organisation to be part of." Margie Mchattie

"Love how the award has developed over the years and the skills I have learned. It has come a long way since I did my Pool Bronze Medallion!" Liz Mapstone

"Lifeguard since 1984 Lifesaving before then, and now multiple disciplined NTA and Face to Face Forum NTA Host, love it to bits always there to help new Lifeguard & TA's." Alistair Jardine

"I am celebrating 50 years of holding RLSS qualifications this year. So am feeling very old!!!" Hilary Sutch

"The best things about being a lifeguard are enabling people to take part in sport, being involved in the local community, passing on life skills to kids, being there the first time a mum/dad take a baby swimming and watching their faces, the satisfaction you get when a rescue gets nailed and most importantly for me being part of a team that makes a difference. 
Love it, even after being in the industry for 16 years. My son now works with me which is pretty special." Rob Worthing

"Lifeguard for 31 years TA for 29 years love training people and seeing them achieve their goals." Irene Jones

"I love the fact that I can use my skills to not only make a difference in the workplace but also in every day life too. I learnt so much from training to be a lifeguard when I was 16 and it has definitely given me more confidence and skills far beyond rescue skills, first aid and CPR. I love being able to pass on my knowledge to others as a TA enabling them to become better too." Arthur Parkes

"Being part of a team that you trust & have your back. I’ve been a lifeguard for 30 years now, and I have no plans to hang up my whistle anytime soon. It also keeps me fit & feeling young." David Ebbs

"I love being in the pool environment and working with great people. Being a lifeguard has helped with my confidence and helping people is really rewarding :)" Grace Ellis 

"Working with a Team Great Satisfaction & learning new Skills all the time with the help & support from the CPD’s & most certainly my Tutors, My job is so varied & have met some smashing people along the way, work colleagues AND customers.Big thank you to GMLPfor all their support." Sarah Goodale

"Having been a lifeguard for 25 years it's meeting new people and new staff who you can pass on your knowledge and experience to" Jo 

"Meeting new people, having a great team to work with. Learning new skills and developing old skills." Stephen Ward

"Best thing about being a lifeguard; interacting with the public and helping them to enjoy their visit. It's really rewarding to just see people having fun, enjoying themselves and knowing that we have helped them in some way that day, even if it's just giving them directions to something or finding their lost locker key!" Alex Baldock 

"The best thing for me is not only gaining confidence in myself and making lifelong friendships with those I work with but also learning valuable skills that are going to set me up for the future whatever path I decide to take." Allice Brackpool

"Watching people having fun with there family in a safe environment." toby_shep_2301

"The buzz and excitement of knowing your day will always be different and being able to help people whether it’s first aid or boosting their confidence in the water." jacobb_wood

"Knowing you can make a huge difference to someone's life unexpectedly." anastasia_j1301

"My favourite thing about being a lifeguard if all the happy faces of the little children when they see you on pool side and then point you out to their parents think you're the best. Also being able to be at the pool all day 🏊‍♂️" whippet04

"I love how being a lifeguard has given me the confidence and skills to use in everyday life as well for any future careers. I love the feeling you get after you rescue someone and you see the relief on their face and you know you've made a difference to someone. The job is amazing and I really miss it during lockdown. Can't wait to get back πŸ˜ƒ" rebecca.pick1001

"Serving my community and being a point of safety for those around me, lifeguarding was going to be taking me to the USA this summer so I could teach kids about water safety but due to the outbreak I've been unable to." dephlated

"I love working as a team and helping to keep people safe. The memories and experiences you make along the way are the best and always love a good dance when aqua aerobics is on πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸŠπŸ»‍♂️" sam_levy_main

I love being in the pool environment and working with great people. Being a lifeguard has helped with my confidence and helping people is really rewarding :) grace_ellis_

My favourite thing about being a lifeguard being able to keep people safe and potentially save a life leonaa_a

"Being a competitive swimmer for the past 8 years, when I turned 16 I couldn’t wait to do my lifeguarding qualification along with other leisure based qualifications. I really enjoy working at a place that shares the love of swimming- I’ve loved it for so long it’s great to see other people having fun in that environment. Happy to be a Gen 9 lifeguard:)" emmx.s

"I absolutely love being a Gen 9 lifeguard. I’ve been a club swimmer for years, and at 14 I broadened my knowledge by becoming an aquatic helper. Now, at 17, I’m a Level 1 swimming teacher assistant, an Assistant Lifesaving Instructor and a Gen 9 lifeguard, and I couldn’t be more prouder of what I’ve achieved in that space of time. My favourite part about being a lifeguard is being able to interact with many different people and to be able to be the gateway to various individuals having an incredible experience at our leisure centre. But of course, the absolute best part of being a lifeguard is to keep people safe while having fun. I love being able to help people whenever I’m needed, and I truly cannot wait until I get back to my job so I can keep doing what I do best😁" alicia_oakley.x

"The part I found most rewarding was during my first heart attack first aid. I looked around and saw my manager trembling, she only held FAW with no ongoing training, I stepped in took control calmly until the paramedics arrived. The training I had received gave me that confidence to step up" rescue_buoy