Creating a personal fundraising page on our website makes fundraising easy. We have highlighted some simple steps below to help you throughout your fundraising journey.


1. Create your personal RLSS UK fundraising page

Create your fundraising page

Creating your own fundraising page on our website to share your success and update your supporters on your progress. It`s a simple, all in one place way to engage and promote your fundraising story and we can share and promote your fundraising for us too.

RLSS UK’s fundraising pages on our website instead of a third party provider, means that all money raised goes to RLSS UK rather than a portion of your donations going towards platform costs.

2. Tell your story

Let your supporters know why you are fundraising for RLSS UK. Fundraisers that include a personal fundraising journey and passion for our vital lifesaving work are reported to gain around 65% more donations.

3. Add a photo!

Profile pictures make your fundraising page engaging and give your supporters confidence in donating to your page. Adding a photo can can boost donations by 23% - the perfect excuse for a selfie! (The ideal size for your profile photo is 220 x 220).

4. Set your target

Setting a fundraising target can lead to an increase in the amount you raise. It gives your supporters a goal to help you reach, so aim high and push yourself - remember, we're here to help promote your amazing efforts.

5. Share, Share, Share!

Send your friends, family and colleagues the link to your page and share it on social media. Don`t forget to tag @rlssuk into your fundraising posts so we can share your fantastic achievements too!

6. Update your supporters on how your fundraising journey is going

Use your fundraising page as your diary, to show your progress and don’t forget to tell us too! Email [email protected] with your updates and photos and we can add these to your personal page and share these in our fundraising updates.

7. Download our fundraising booklet for more inspiration! 

There are many more great ideas and success stories in our fundraising booklet available to download by clicking the button below:

RLSS UK 2024 Fundraising Booklet

Need more help on fundraising for RLSS UK? Email [email protected]