Make a Splash Josh

Rebekah Gunn

As a family who enjoy swimming and water sports activities, water safety sits high up on our list of priorities.

Olenka’s 100km swim

Alexandra Fernandes

I am fundraising for the RLSS UK as I am a lifeguard and know how important water safety is. I also knew that I wanted to challenge myself while raising money for an organisation that I believe is very important.

Heather's Make a Splash Challenge

Heather Smith

I an ambassador for the Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS) yearly fundraising campaign – The Make a Splash Challenge. I have recently obtained the National Pool Lifeguard Qualification and I am passionate about swimming and water safety.

Em Serventi

Em Serventi

As an ambassador for the RLSS UK’s new fundraising campaign, I’m making a splash to help more people enjoy water safely.

Let's do it 2023

Michele Heap

To give me a challenge

Rebecca’s 2000 Lengths - Make a Splash

Rebecca Davies

I want to give back to the people who have made me become the swim teacher I am today from doing lifesaving as a student to now having my own lifesaving class and reaching out how important water safety is to everyone around me

Sink or swim - 50km in a year challenge

Mercedes Franey-Gardiner

The RLSS provides valuable training and information to improve water safety for all. Please help me to support this work.

Millie's RLSS Fundraising Swimming Challenge

Millie Lees

I would like to help support all those people that risk their lives to save others when in danger in the water. I have a particular interest in watersports which can be hazardous.

Tasha's Make a Splash Swimming challenge

natasha Mcloughlin

Bring awareness to the dangers of water and give advise to swim safely in open water

Make a Splash 10km Olivia Walker

Olivia Walker

I want to be able to support the RLSS in providing education to help people enjoy water safely.

Hayley & Chloe’s Make a Splash Challenge

Hayley Turner

We are raising funds to help support RLSS UK charity to continue doing the great things it does.

Sarah swims a lot

Sarah Willis

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm always talking about swimming. I'm also passionate about water safety, which is why I support RLSS UK