Don’t Drink and Drown is a national campaign that warns drinkers to steer clear of walking by or entering water when under the influence of alcohol.

Research indicates that more than a quarter of all adult drowning victims have alcohol and/or drugs in their bloodstream.

Many of them drowned because they walked home alone and fell in the water.

Help us to save lives by getting involved with the campaign:

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Our advice:
  • Look out for your friends, make sure they get home safely
  • If you’ve had a drink, stay away from the water
  • Find an alternative route home, don’t walk home near the water
  • Stay away from the water in winter, cold water shock kills

Effects of alcohol on the body:
  • Alcohol lowers inhibitions, leading to an impaired judgment which means you are more likely to take risks and get in trouble
  • Alcohol limits muscle ability making simple movements much harder
  • Alcohol slows down your reactions making it more difficult to get yourself out of trouble
  • Alcohol numbs the senses making swimming very difficult