"I qualified as an RLSS UK NPLQ in 2013. During my time as a lifeguard, I have enjoyed getting to know like-minded people with the same priorities and love for the job as I do. Being a RLSS UK Lifeguard member means that I have lots of direct links to many different mediums of online learning.

During the pandemic, the RLSS UK continual professional development online  revision and tests have proven extremely helpful in these trying times. It has been a massive weight off my shoulders not having to worry about keeping my qualification up to date.

Being a member of the RLSS also brings about many other benefits too, including insurance cover which gives me a great sense of security and support.

Job security has been a major worry during the pandemic, so their offers on things such as the weekly shop has again meant another weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.

Being a lifeguard has opened my eyes to a part of me I didn’t know I had. My desire to do more to help people, has continued to grow, the longer I've been a lifeguard. I am now a GOODSAM first responder, and I feel a great sense of reassurance that I have the ability given to me by the RLSS to help serve my community. It has also made me really consider training with the North West Ambulance Service. "

Candice Arnold