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January 2019 – Entries open

1st August 2019 – Early Bird entries close

1st October 2019 – General entries close

8th November 2019 – Late entries close

Commonwealth Championships

The Commonwealth Championships for National Teams will form the elite element of the Festival, where National Teams compete to become the Commonwealth Lifesaving Champions.

The Development Championship will be conducted to develop both nations and individual competitors in the skills of lifesaving sport and future international events.

Both of these overall Championships will be conducted on a point score basis.

The Commonwealth Lifesaving Championships are open to one National Team and one Development Team per nation.  A team may consist of a minimum of one competitor and a maximum of five female and a maximum of five male competitors (totalling ten), in addition to any non-competitive management or coaching personnel. It is not mandatory to have both male and female competitors on a team. Teams may not increase the number of male or female competitors beyond five.

Commonwealth Lifesaving Challenge

The Challenge events will form the combined lifesaving skills element of the Festival, during which individuals will test their skills on an international stage. The Challenge will test the judgement, skill, knowledge and ability of lifesavers in a five-event contest.

The Commonwealth Lifesaving Challenge is open to any individual lifesaver in good standing with a nation recognised by the Commonwealth Games Federation. They may also be members of a national or development team at the same Commonwealth festival.

The Challenge will be conducted for individuals in both male and female categories in the Elite, Development and Novice categories.  Age groups – Open, 30 to 39, 40 to 49 and 50 plus.

Note: A Novice competitor is an individual who has never competed for their national body as a member of their national or development team. This Challenge competition will include the following events:

  • Aquatic Simulated Emergency Response Competition
  • Dry Simulated Emergency Response Competition (includes resuscitation)
  • 50m Non-Contact Tow
  • 12.5m Line Throw (individual)
  • 100m Lifesaving Medley Swim


"Nations" are defined by the Commonwealth Games Federation as all Commonwealth countries, colonies, and dependent or associated territories. The list of eligible nations can be found at the web site of the Commonwealth Games Federation at link

Individual competitors entering any competition at the Festival must:

  • Be a citizen or subject of an eligible Commonwealth nation (see Note 1 below).
  • Be qualified lifesavers in good standing with a lifesaving organisation and hold an RLSS Bronze Medallion Award or equivalent (see Note 2 below).
  • Be a minimum of 16 years of age on or before December 31st 2019 to compete in a Commonwealth Lifesaving Championships National Team.
  • Be a minimum of 16 years of age on or before December 31st 2019 to compete in a Commonwealth Lifesaving Championship Development Team and Commonwealth Lifesaving Challenge events.

In addition, to be eligible to compete in a National Team or Development Team, competitors shall:

  • For purposes of out-of-competition testing, be registered with their national organisation responsible to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) prior to the first day of the Festival.
  • Competitors who have been a member of a National Youth Team are eligible to compete in in a Development Team. Membership of a Development Team is not open to a competitor who has been a member of an Open National Team at any Commonwealth or ILS sanctioned event. team.
  • Competitors may be selected to a Development Team multiple times.

Note 1: A competitor who is a citizen or subject of more than one nation must choose which nation to represent. Competitors born in a Commonwealth country who have also a common citizenship/passport with other Commonwealth nations may initially represent either their nation of birth or the other nation for who they are eligible for such citizenship. A competitor who has represented one nation at a Commonwealth Lifesaving Championship may only represent another nation in future Commonwealth events with the approvals of the RLSS and the national lifesaving organisations of the two nations concerned.

Note 2: Each lifesaving organisation shall provide an endorsement declaring that its competitors meet the eligibility criteria. For Challenge events if the competitor’s nation does not have a ILS recognised national life saving organisation the endorsement shall be by an RLSS approved body such as a companion organisation or that nation’s Commonwealth Games committee.

Entry Fees

Commonwealth Championship National or Development Team (per team member)

Early Bird - £75

General - £85

Late Entries - £95

Commonwealth Challenge (per individual entry)

Early Bird - £40

General - £45

Late Entries - £50

Closing ceremony / team dinner per person (including team management) - £ 35

Registration Is Now Open!

Commonwealth Championships (National and Development Teams)

Commonwealth Challenge (Individuals)



Spectators are welcome at the Commonwealth Festival of Lifesaving 2019, no need to buy tickets in advance.  Entry will be on purchase of a programme which will be available to purchase on the day.

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