If your enquiry is related to a specific department, it may be quicker to contact them directly - click the page below for departmental contact details. 

Customer Services  

The Customer Services Team are your initial point of contact for most enquiries - they will either answer your question(s) or seek support to help you. They are contactable via 0300 323 0096 or [email protected]

RLSS UK Account (powered by tahdah) 

There are a series of guides, tutorials, and FAQs to support you with your RLSS UK Account - including downloading your certificate, uploading a course and much more.

If you still require further assistance once you have looked at these, contact the Customer Services Team at 0300 323 0096 or [email protected]

RLSS UK Shop  

For information about products available online at RLSS UK Shop or questions about Shop deliveries, availability dates, and all purchase enquiries, contact the RLSS UK Shop Team at 0300 3230 096 (then select the Shop Option) or email [email protected]


Staying compliant as an Approved Training Centre (ATC) or Approved Training Provider (ATP) is a fundamental part of your responsibilities. Our Compliance Team are here to support you with that. For Compliance questions, you can click here or contact the team by calling 0300 3230 096 (then select the Compliance Option) or emailing [email protected]


To submit evidence or ask questions about your ATC/ATP audit, contact [email protected]


To enquire about RLSS UK Membership or to pay for Club, Approved Training Centre/Provider (ATC/P) or personal Membership fees, call 0300 323 0096 (select the Membership Option) or contact [email protected]

Marketing and Press

If you have an impactful lifesaving-related news story to tell us, or if you would like to contact our Marketing Team, email [email protected]


Click here for prices and fees.

Click here for all other finance enquiries, including payment and purchase orders, or call 0300 3230 096, and select the Finance option. Alternatively email [email protected]


RLSS UK Branches have an essential footprint in local communities across the UK and Ireland. You can make contact with your local branch by emailing [email protected]


Click here for information about RLSS UK Clubs or email [email protected]


If a child or an adult at risk is in immediate danger, DO NOT DELAY - call the Police on 999. If you wish to talk to us about a safeguarding concern, call 0300 3230 096 and hold for our customer service team. Alternatively email [email protected].

Click here for out-of-office safeguarding support.


Click here if you are interested in volunteering or email [email protected]


There are many fundraising opportunities with RLSS UK – if you are looking for ideas to fundraise or have already agreed to support us, click here to find lots of helpful information. To contact the Fundraising Team directly, email [email protected]


For enquiries relating to our National Presentation of Honours, email [email protected]


For all sporting competition queries (e.g. Speeds, Nationals) email [email protected] 

Consultancy, Sales and Advice

For enquiries relating to our consultancy email [email protected]


For enquiries relating to our training, email [email protected]


For information about the Royal Life Saving Society’s (RLSS) work across the Commonwealth or to contact the Commonwealth Team, visit www.rlsscommonwealth.org


Out-of-hours phone numbers

Last updated: March 2024