"I was looking for something to do during furlough. Myself and two other HODs at Wolverhampton Swimming & Fitness Centre have a message group...we train together to keep each other motivated to reach fitness goals and just stay sane(ish).

Gordon (Fitness Manager) had a friend working for a GP clinic group, and he was going to help out at the vaccine clinics....they were looking for help and he asked did if I wanted him to pass my number on...both myself and Kaye (Swim Manager) jumped at the chance!!

A few checks and forms later, we started at a clinic at 8 am in the snow, ushering over 300, 80+year olds through a system to receive their first or second COVID vaccines. We can be at one of four clinics in the area either directing the individuals through the one-way system or assisting in logging data.

It’s an amazing privilege to see the front line staff operating and to know we’re supporting them to vaccinate our communities.

It’s also quite fun talking to all these lovely people who are happy to be out of the house ....even for just 1/2 an hour if it means in the future they get to go out and see their families again!!"

Why not help and get involved, visit these links for more information and get involved.