"I am volunteering for our local NHS Vaccination Centre based at the St Boniface Centre, near Ashburton in Devon. I was keen to put my name down to help deliver vaccinations to help save and protect the NHS.

Before each shift, volunteers have to take a Lateral Flow Test. This was the first time I had taken a COVID-19 test, so it was an interesting experience! The 20-minute wait to get the all-clear gave me plenty of time to think about how embarrassing it would be if I were positive! Fortunately, the test was all clear, and along with the other volunteers, I was given my tasks for the shift ahead.

We started at 1.30 pm and went on until 7 pm. The centre vaccinated 400 people during that time. A fantastic effort for such a small centre and the team only took a 20-minute break from vaccinations.

As the ‘newbie’ I was drafted to help with car parking. The centre has a very small, and quite tight car park so it was a juggle to ensure everyone could get in for their allotted time. Even heavy downpours could not dampen our enthusiasm and, it felt like a real privilege to be helping so many people. I was struck by how kind and grateful everyone was to the NHS staff and volunteers.

Time permitting, I am hoping, to volunteer every week and, I’ve offered to cover parking duties again as it seems to be the least popular job.

I’m just happy to be there, to feel part of this significant moment in our history and to see the end of the pandemic".