Lifesaving clubs sit at the heart of a community, providing an essential service to young people and their families to develop the ability to enjoy water safely.

Lifesaving is one of the only activities that delivers both the physical and mental benefits of sport and physical activity whilst at the same time providing a skill for life that both enriches and could save lives.

Here a just a few benefits of joining a local lifesaving club.

Skills to enjoy a lifetime of fun in the water

Developing confidence and competence in the water opens up a lifetime of aquatic and outdoor activities. There are incredible opportunities to explore and try different activities that aid mental and physical wellbeing. Lifesaving clubs give young people the confidence in water to expand their horizon.

Personal Development

Lifesaving clubs provide young people with the opportunity to develop a number of personal skills including resilience, communication, teamwork and dedication. Our awards are designed to challenge young people and aid their personal development.

Community and Friendship

Our lifesaving clubs give young people the confidence to build relationships. Our club members often stay connected throughout their life. 

Career prospects

Club members often progress to build a career that utilises and favours the skills they develop in a lifesaving clubs. The start of many careers usually starts with lifeguarding but often develops into a career in leisure, the emergency services or the forces. Here are some of our stories.


Lifesaving activity is different, members are encouraged to shout, scream and communicate. Kids absolute love our programmes. Take a look at our video from our Rookie Lifeguards.

Join a Club NOW

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