The benefits of joining a lifesaving club

  • Vital life saving skills to enjoy a lifetime of fun in the water - Our activity enriches lives, it provides the competence and confidence to open up a lifetime of fun activities in, on and around water.
  • Soft and practical skills to shape a future career - Lifesaving activity is different, members are encouraged to shout, scream and communicate. Kids absolute love our programmes. Take a look at our video from our Rookie Lifeguards.
  • Fun and Friendship - Our lifesaving clubs give young people the confidence to build relationships. Our club members often stay connected throughout their life.
  • Skills to save a life - Community response does save lives, if you don’t believe us just take a look at some of our #EVERYDAYHEROES.
  • A personal challenge for all to aspire to - Water safety skills are for everybody; they are easy to learn and no matter your background or circumstance you can be challenged to develop new skills.

Find a Club

If you can't find a local club on our club finder contact us at [email protected] and we'll link you up with some local activity