Lee Heard and Andy Lane spoke about SCHOOL EDUCATION - THE SPRINGBOARD INTO OUR PATHWAYS on Saturday 24 June at the RLSS UK Conference 2023.

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Lee Heard

As Charity Director, Lee works on behalf of both internal staff and our external workforce, RLSS UK volunteers, members and partners.

Lee has a strong background in community development initiatives and volunteering work, with a real passion for empowering people to make a positive change in their communities.

In recognising the Society has a wealth of people with valuable skills, Lee works to ensure an honest and open culture, encouraging personal development for the benefit of everyone.

Through adequate and timely support for people who represent the organisation and then equipping them with the right tools, the Society is proactive in promoting RLSS UK messages, training and education nationwide.

Our network of branches across the UK plays a crucial part in this education and training work, with Lee overseeing our response to their needs, as well as those of our volunteers and members.

Lee looks after the development of new and existing, lifesaving pathways, awards and accessibility to membership and believes in a proactive stance: internal and externally-based personnel are at the forefront of leading the organisation’s drowning prevention work and should be supported in maintaining and building on this momentum.

RLSS UK has the ambition to grow its membership and support base to increase the opportunity to educate and train, as well as generating wider exposure to the positive work of RLSS UK. Growth in this area is central to Lee’s future direction.

Andy Lane

My name is Andy Lane and I’m the Education Manager for the Royal Life Saving Society UK, having been employed here in July 2021 to support a local water safety initiative managed by the West Mercia Police and Crime Commission.

My background is rooted firmly in education, mostly (but not exclusively) as a Primary School  teacher, Key Stage Leader and Subject Manager. Throughout my career I’ve worked hard to provide all the children in my care with the best educational opportunities available, to enable them to become independent, inquisitive and well-rounded individuals. I’ve also worked on a variety of education-based projects, designed to improve provision and access for all.

As the RLSS UK Education Manager, my prime responsibility is to enhance and augment the educational offering provided to schools and organisations by RLSS UK and to help build a sustainable education strategy for our organisation.

On a personal level, as a father of 5 I’m well aware of the safety issues facing our children, whether they be at home, at school, on the internet or out and about in our towns, cities and countryside. This is one reason why my position at the RLSS is close to my heart.

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