The Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK) joins forces with Aqua Park in a step to fostering water safety awareness during Drowning Prevention Week.

Photos provided by Aqua Park Rutland

RLSS UK, the UK’s leading water safety charity, is working with the Aqua Park Group as part of a local schools initiative in a bid to help spread vital water safety messaging during the peak summer months and the Drowning Prevention Week campaign.

The collaboration aims to contribute to drowning prevention efforts by hosting special two-hour Aqua Park Sessions in Aqua Park Rutland, Aqua Park Lakeside and Aqua Park Cardiff on the 22 and 23 June, with 50% of the proceeds dedicated to supporting local schools through water safety community outreach initiatives. * 

Drowning Prevention Week, running from 15-22 June 2024, is RLSS UK’s annual campaign that advocates water safety and drowning prevention, and provides the perfect bridge for Aqua Park Group's commitment to community wellbeing. By teaming up with a distinguished lifesaving charity, the water park endeavours to make a meaningful impact on water safety education, particularly among school-age children. 

Connor James, Founder of Aqua Park Rutland Water, said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with RLSS UK for Drowning Prevention Week again.  
“This year, we’ve added more tickets over the weekend and are hoping to top last year’s fundraising total of £442. We’re eager to raise funds to support RLSS UK to provide important water safety courses for school age children within the local community.  
“Naturally, the climb in temperature during summer causes excitement and many will inevitably be cooling off in lakes, rivers and canals. But the risks associated with swimming in unsupervised open water locations, including quarries and canals, include unknown depths, potential objects beneath the surface, strong currents and water temperature can quickly drop, increasing the risk of cold-water shock. 
“We’d always advise people to wear the appropriate safety equipment, including buoyancy aids and wetsuits, and attend venues with organised activities with trained lifeguards, to help keep themselves safe in open water.” 

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