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Video from the Aqua Steering Group Meeting 2020

The Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK) is the UK’s Drowning Prevention Charity, we are passionate about growing Open Water opportunities and supporting the development of best practice. We are also the UK’s leading provider of water safety education and qualifications.

Recent years have seen a huge growth in Aqua Parks across the UK and Ireland. RLSS UK has been working closely with the UK Aqua Park Steering Group since October 2017 to develop a set of industry minimum standards that will help drive high levels of safety both in operation and equipment across all Aqua Parks.

The ‘Industry Approved Aqua Park’ status will be awarded to Aqua Parks who can demonstrate that they meet the operational and equipment standards set out within the guidance.

Operational (Silver)

Looks at the safe operation of the Aqua Park, ensuring the correct documents, procedures, staff and training are in place for all sessions.

Full (Gold)

Looks at safe operation and Aqua Park equipment. There is a requirement for all equipment to meet EN and BSI standards.

These standards will be approved by the Aqua Park Steering Group and RLSS UK and then be made available to all sites that have signed up to the Aqua Park accreditation Programme.

The standards will be reviewed annually by the Steering Group and discussed with the wider programme participants. Any urgent changes required by the introduction of new legislation will be implemented as necessary outside of the annual review.

The checks will cover the following areas:

  1. Site
  • Control of access during operational and non-operational hours
  • Changing facilities
  • Access and egress for aqua park
  • Equipment for emergencies and the use of Emergency Services
  1. Participant Rules
  • Age and height as per manufacturers guidance
  • Swim ability
  • Health and physical condition
  • Safety equipment to be worn
  1. Safety Briefings & disclaimers
  • Detail of safety brief
  • Delivery of safety brief
  • Rules for usage
  • Detail for how rules are communicated and enforced
  1. Water
  • Quality testing is completed
  • Temperature for operation
  1. Water Safety Team
  • Age
  • Qualifications
  • Training (site specific)
  1. Daily Checks
  • Equipment checks
  • Cleaning procedures and checks
  1. Reporting & Documentation & Policies
  • Accident and incident reporting as per HSE guidance
  • Risk Assessments
  • Normal Operating Procedures
  • Emergency Operating Procedures
  • Public and Employee insurance
  • Child Protection
  • Equal Opportunities

How to become an Approved Aqua Park

If you are an Aqua Park Operator in the UK or Ireland and would like to register to become an RLSS UK Industry Approved Aqua Park please follow this link to register your interest. You will be required to register your interest and pay, a member of the RLSS UK team will then be in touch to book your site visit, please note this needs to take place when your park is operational.

To start your application to become an Industry Approved Aqua Park click here.