For over thirty years, RLSS UK has been at the forefront of supporting pool operators with qualifications, guidance, consultancy, and expert training to meet evolving water safety challenges. Embracing AI lifeguard technology to enhance pool safety and support lifeguards and pool operators, RLSS UK and Lynxight, with GLL’s expertise and support during a rigorous testing period, has introduced an innovative and affordable new risk management solution for swimming pools.  

Why install Lynxight Assisted Lifeguard Technology (ALT)? 

Affordable, intelligent, simple solution that allows you to make your pool safer

  • It's an affordable solution that allows more UK pool operators to benefit from technology. Installation is quick and very cost-effective.
  • It uses standard overhead security cameras and does not require underwater cameras.
  • It’s unaffected by glare, reflection, or turbidity.
  • It's installable without closing and draining the pool, damaging pool tiles, or investing in costly waterproofing; there is no downtime, no loss of revenue, and no impact on the public.
  • It offers easy maintenance, minimal impact on pool buildings, and low visibility for pool users. 

Increases swimming pool safety 

  • It complements the highly skilled work of lifeguards and provides another layer of safety for pool users.
  • It provides a complete real-time understanding of what is happening above and below the water using Artificial Intelligence (AI) software and swimmer behaviour analysis.
  • It continuously monitors pool users and promptly alerts lifeguards via smartwatches about anyone needing assistance.
  • It supports lifeguards in quickly assessing situations and reacting appropriately.
  • It prevents potential incidents. 

Effective data collection for your pool operations

  • Currently, Lynxight is the only system available in the UK providing pool data via dashboards to optimise swimming pool operations, including pool usage, swimmer numbers, and detailed data for each lane or pool area. 
  • It identifies new opportunities to generate revenue from activities in under-utilised spaces. 

Provides the industry with an additional technology solution 

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Assisted Lifeguard Technology is about making pools even safer for everyone, and this 'UK first' between RLSS UK, GLL and Lynxight represents a huge step forward. With this landmark collaboration, we are leading the integration of technology and lifeguarding expertise to create a safer environment for all pool users.Chris Hebblewhite, National Standards and Compliance Director at GLL
Places Leisure is one of the first leisure operators in the UK to implement the advanced AI-driven Assisted Lifeguard Technology system to support lifeguards and elevate swimming pool safety standards. Installed at Tewkesbury Leisure Centre, which the social enterprise manages on behalf of Tewkesbury Borough Council, the innovative system puts the operator at the forefront of technology.” Keith Evans, Director of Safety & Risk at Places Leisure 

Assisted Lifeguard Technology Industry Guidance

Swimming pool operators using or considering using swimming pool technology should refer to the current industry guidance available here.

Guidance Working Group members present this webinar to provide an overview of the guidance for operators and insight into its advances.