With swimming pools across the UK now open after lockdown, the £2,902 resulting from the generosity of the Radio 4 listeners, can be put straight to work, as the Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK) continues to work towards nations without drowning.

In presenting our ‘Enjoy Water Safely’ appeal, Johnny Ball was able to draw on the personal experience of a near-miss in the water, highlighting how easy it can be to under-estimate the conditions and one’s own confidence in the water.

Recognisable to many for sharing his love of maths and science, Johnny referenced the 344 accidental drownings across the UK in 2019. Whether you’re dipping your toe in at the seaside or a training triathlete, our appeal sought to encourage everyone to learn how to ENJOY WATER SAFELY.

Already this year, RLSS UK has created the free, digital toolkit ‘Lifesaver Lifechanger’ so families can learn how to keep themselves safe around water and right now, as schools and universities open their doors and the nights start to draw in, we’re already using your money to target students and seasonal revellers, with free advice, messages and resources on the risks of being around water, whilst under the influence, as part of our #BeAMate Don’t Drink and Drown campaign.

Across the UK leisure sector, lifeguard training has started up once again. Police officers, healthcare workers, TV presenters and leisure venue managers, are just some of the professionals who started their career as a lifeguard, citing the teamwork, working under pressure and inclusivity of the role, as ‘real-world’ benefits.

£250 fully-qualifies a lifeguard – a professional lifesaver, trained to react in emergency situations whether that’s at the poolside or in the supermarket. Lifeguards are everyday heroes-in-waiting, enhancing the communities they serve not just with invaluable knowledge and skills, but with the confidence to use them.

RLSS UK will be working with its partners and leisure sector customers to ensure these valuable lifeguard career opportunities are open to people from all walks of life in 2020 and beyond.

When we’re able to get together again in large groups, our volunteer army will once again, be back out in your community educating people on basic emergency first aid. Our Save A Life series of courses ask only for a donation from the attendees and in return, they are enriched with the skills to act quickly and safely, whenever an emergency situation arises.

The money you donated will help RLSS UK train more volunteers to further the reach of our Save A Life series.

 RLSS UK thanks everyone who donated to our ‘Enjoy Water Safely’ appeal and hopes they’re one of the millions of people, who gets to enjoy the many and varied bodies of water, the UK has to offer.