Multi-BAFTA award-winning CBBC programme, Operation Ouch! are on the lookout for medical heroes for The Ouch! Awards and would like your help to track them down.

The awards recognise incredible medical heroes aged 6-16-years-old, who have been outstanding, unbelievable, caring or heroic in some way.

Though the production has been paused for the time being, we WILL still be receiving nominations for The Ouch! Awards during this period. All entrees received before/during this pause period will still be eligible for the competition in line with the basic eligibility criteria being met, just as before. 

Entries fall into the following categories:

Nomination Categories:

OUCH! FIRST AID AWARD (e.g. 6 – 16 year olds who have performed accurate first aid and helped someone in need. Please let us know if they learnt this First Aid from watching Operation Ouch!)

OUCH! LIFE SAVING AWARD (e.g. 6 – 16 year olds who performed an act of courage and/or called the emergency services and saved a life/lives)

OUCH! BIG HEART AWARD (e.g. 6 – 16 year olds who have done something selfless such as caring for a relative, raising money / awareness / campaigning for charity or even donated an organ)

OUCH! PERSONAL COURAGE AWARD (e.g. 6 – 16 year olds who have come through adversity – this is an award for children dealing with a medical issue but despite this are doing extraordinary things)

You can find out more about Operation Ouch!, the awards and how to nominate someone by clicking here.

Nominations close at midnight on Sunday 19 July 2020.