Issued - Thursday 5, November 2020

The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) (No.4) Regulations 2020 comes into force on Thursday
5, November 2020. Guidance from the government in England is available here.

First Aid training and assessment

Please note, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Department of Education (DfE) have not relaxed their rules on maintaining adequate first aid provision in the workplace. Therefore, whenever an employer needs to maintain mandatory first aid provision by sending a first aider on a relevant first aid training course (whether on furlough leave or not), this should be the primary driver behind ATC/Ps continuing to deliver training courses during the lockdown period.

Can training and assessments continue in England during the lockdown measures imposed from Thursday 5, November 2020?

There are several questions to ask yourself before being able to answer this question, below you will find clear steps to help you to determine if training and assessments can take place.

Reasonably necessary – Other means to provide training have been exhausted or would be ineffective under the circumstances.

** Remote learning - Remote delivery is providing teaching using an online web conference or webinar service tool. Only theory training can be delivered remotely, more details can be found here.

*** Assessments can not take place remotely.

**** Training could be delayed until just prior-to permitted opening. Consideration should be given to the possibility of lockdown restrictions being extended.

Please note - if you intend to deliver training and assessments within swimming pools, you should seek clarification and authorisation from your local authority (EHO).