Risborough Springs Water Safety Week 2022

Risborough Springs

To ensure people are safe in and around the water.

Wycombe Leisure Centre fundraising for Drowning Prevention week

Wendy Zakrzewski

Fundraising for RLSS UK is vital to their success in reducing the amount of drowning tragedies and accidents that happen every year.

David Lloyd Drowning Prevention Fundraising!

David Lloyd Birmingham

Raising money in support of drowning prevention week!

Make A Splash challenge - Chloe Burden

Chloe Burden

I have always enjoyed what the RLSS do and I help out with what I can when there is challenges.

Cath's Make a Splash challenge

Cath Dudley

It's a great cause, and a very important on if you live on a small Island

Sarah Mayes

Sarah Mayes

Life saving is an essential skill for the safety of public and the RLSS UK plays a crucial role in training life savers.

Trevor and Rosie’s West Highland Way Challenge wall.

Trevor Bankhead

I was the Diver that found the Body of the the missing Durham University student Euan Coultard that went missing after a night out in the city of Durham in January 2015. I am doing a long distance walk this year and after hearing about this worthy cause thought it would be a good idea to try and raise funds and awareness

Big West Country Lifesaving Quiz

Joshua Hale

The West Country Branch Chairs and Ambassadors (Avon and North Wiltshire, Gloucester, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall) are coming together to host a big family friendly lifesaving quiz night to raise money for RLSS.

Because every life is worth saving

Mark Smith

Every year RLSS charity activity reduces the number of drownings. These drowning affect people who were in, on and near water across all parts of UK & Ireland. Loved ones are lost unnecessarily.

The Big Scottish Region Lifesaving Quiz

Murray Robb

As part of the RLSS UK Lifesaving Family, the RLSS UK Scottish Region are hosting the next in the series of online virtual quiz nights to help support the Drowning Prevention charity, RLSS UK, during this challenging time, to help raise funds for the National Charity to #ProtectOurFuture and to continue to provide water safety & drowning prevention education throughout the UK.

David RLSS 5k

David Springthorpe

Now that swimming pools are closed the threat to our charity that provides so much joy to so many of us is very real and we need your help to pull through it. Our motto has never been so poignant “Whomsoever you see in distress, recognise in them a fellow human being.”