Two young lifeguards have saved a child’s life after a boy started drowning at Bourne Outdoor Pool in Lincolnshire.

Eighteen year olds Logan Ward and Dan Malickis, are both RLSS UK Lifeguards and were on duty in early September when they spotted a young child in difficulty.

Thanks to their training, they were able to jump straight into action.

The young boy had swam too far into the deep end at the outdoor pool where he soon struggled to keep his head above the water. Logan, who was volunteering as part of his Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, said: “The boy was bobbing up and down and struggling to swim. I had to dive in and get him to the poolside. After that he fell unconscious.”

“In training you do use dummies and have the knowledge of how to carry people, so in an actual incident you have to focus on that.”

Logan raised the alarm and was soon joined by fellow Lifeguard Dan, who immediately called an ambulance.

RLSS UK Lifeguard Kieran Oglesbee was also on duty that day and played his part by instructing other swimmers to clear the pool until it was safe.

Both Logan and Dan stayed with the young boy until the paramedics arrived. Dan said: “It felt like being part of a bigger machine. We played the initial part and then the paramedics took over.”

The youngster lost consciousness for a total of four minutes after being pulled from the water by Logan but thanks to the quick action of both Lifeguards, by the time the Paramedics arrived he was conscious. After assessing the young boy, the Paramedics gave him the all clear and he didn’t need to be taken to hospital.

Dan said: “It’s always in your mind it could happen and it’s part of the job.”

The following day the Lifeguards checked in with the family of the young boy to make sure they were OK.

RLSS UK commended all of the Lifeguards and awarded them with Certificates of Meritorious Action for Lifeguards.

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