Twelve-year-old Molly attends St Osmund’s School in Dorchester in Dorset. Molly was on a recent school trip to Bude in May 2023 when she was taking part in some water activities.

As Molly was in the water, she spotted an older lady who was in difficulty and was struggling to keep her head above the water.

On her surfboard, Molly paddled over the lady to try to help and get her to safety. She managed to pull the lady into shallower water and alert the lifeguard on duty to help her.

The lady was very emotional and shocked but was very thankful to Molly for her actions which saved her life.

Molly was awarded a Young Persons Certificate of Commendation from RLSS UK and presented with the certificate at school as part of the end of year award presentations. The Mayor of Dorchester, Janet Hewitt, and RLSS UK’s Ambassador for the South and Chair of Wessex Branch, Jill Bailey attended the presentation.

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