Sean grew up in Pershore, Worcestershire with his mum, Lucy, stepdad and younger brother, spending weekends with his father, in Worcester, who helped Sean with his love of motocross.

From the age of 5, Sean was learning the tracks and racing, winning trophies with Team Valley Motocross group. He had a very strong passion for music, playing the acoustic and electric guitar and he often serenaded his family at barbeques. Sean was a strong character who was well liked within the local community due to his wit and charm, although his rogue like tendencies frequently got him into trouble at school. Upon leaving school, Sean went on to college and quickly secured a work placement with a local joinery company learning the trade.

On the evening of March 31st 2016, Sean, aged just 17 and some friends were walking alongside the Worcestershire and Birmingham Canal, engaging in some typical horseplay. Sean was playfully sparring with his pal when his friend inadvertently landed a playful punch near to his eye - causing Sean to lose his balance and tumble backwards. Another friend bravely jumped in to try to save Sean - but both boys needed rescuing from the canal by firefighters. Paramedics rushed to the scene at Bilford Top Lock in Worcester and Sean was taken to Worcestershire Royal Hospital where he was sadly pronounced dead later that evening.

That day in March, changed Sean’s families lives forever as sadly, Sean never came home. Memories of Sean will live on through those who knew and loved him. Sean was a shining star and leaves a warm glow in his friends and families’ hearts. Sean’s family hope that his story will help to raise awareness of the dangers of open water to prevent other families from having a similarly tragic story to tell.

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