I sadly lost my daughter, Megan, after she fell in the River Ouse in York when walking home after a night out in January 2014.

Megan was a very bright girl with a wicked sense of humour and a wilful side, mixed with an innocence that made her seem vulnerable sometimes. She was just a beautiful person inside and out. My daughter’s death has really rocked the community and is such a devastating loss to a lot of people.

Since losing Megan to drowning I have been actively involved in drowning prevention work with the RLSS UK. When you lose someone that you love so dearly, it is too big to accept, you can’t let it be true. The only thing you can do is keep their memory alive by enlarging yourself and channelling your grief into something good.

I fully support the RLSS UK’s campaign, #DontDrinkandDrown and am honoured that I am now an ambassador for the charity and the campaign.

This campaign highlights how was it is to lose your life to drowning when under the influence of alcohol. If this campaign was around before Megan’s death, it is that powerful that I would have hoped it might have saved her.

As this campaign grows and grows I hope that no other family has to go through what my family has been through.

Together we can stop this tragedy from happening again.

Find out how you can support RLSS UK’s Don’t Drink and Drown campaign here.