Renewal within the period of validity of your existing NPLQ is straightforward, requiring completion of a three-to-four-hour renewal assessment. This includes a full assessment of your lifeguard knowledge and skills by an independent assessor.

Prior to the renewal assessment, you must have access to an up-to-date copy of ‘The Lifeguard’ manual and have completed 20-hours of Continual Professional Development (CPD) from the date of your previous assessment.

CPD must cover content from the NPLQ syllabus:

  • In-water swimming pool rescue skills (at least four hours)
  • CPR (at least four hours)
  • First Aid (at least four hours)
  • Lifeguard theory (at least four hours)

CPD can be achieved by:

  • Attendance at ongoing lifeguard training and competency assessment (strongly recommended)
  • Attendance at alternative training, face-to-face or online, relating to in-water swimming pool rescue skills, CPR, First Aid and lifeguard theory

Contact your local Approved Training Centre/Provider (ATC/P) to arrange your NPLQ renewal assessment.

Failure to renew within the period of validity of your existing NPLQ will result in you undertaking the full NPLQ course and assessment again. This carries an approximate £250 charge and 36-hour training commitment.