Opportunities found on a RLSS UK Account, provide RLSS UK Trainer Assessors with the chance to expand their CV, enhance their knowledge and skills and deliver more RLSS UK qualifications and awards.

An update found on a RLSS UK Account, is a change in an award or qualification that a TA already holds/ teaches. It provides vial information on any updates in content, paperwork, or assessment materials.

Examples of Opportunities include:

Pool to Pond Instructor Opportunity - for current NVBLQ TAs and OWL TAs to complete in order to deliver the Pool to Pond Award.

Open Water Endorsement Opportunity - designed for Lifesaving Instructors, Lifesaving Instructor Tutors and Lifesaving Instructor Tutor Mentors to enable delivery of the still water and beach award for Survive and Save.

All Opportunities and Updates are based on your prior learning and found by selecting Online Learning from the ‘Awards and Training’ tab of your RLSS UK Account. 

Prices vary and will only appear on your RLSS UK Account if you are eligible to complete them.  

If you need any support with this, contact [email protected]. 

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