Online learning has become a crucial component of our water safety education and training. We offer a range of online learning opportunities designed to cover all ages with flexible completion at a time and place to suit you. Some modules are free and available to all, some are free but only available to RLSS UK Members, and others are chargeable.

Free to everyone

These modules are of general interest and include our popular Lifesaver – Lifechanger and Water Safety Toolkit. A fun interactive course designed to ensure all the family has the education, skills, and knowledge to be confident enough to enjoy the water safely. There is no need to have an association with RLSS UK, but you will need to set up a RLSS UK Account and input a few details in order to access them and gain your certificate.

Other free modules include Primary Water Safety lessons, NVBLQ ongoing training sessions, and the first NPLQ online training module.

Free to Members

These modules support RLSS UK qualified lifeguards with ongoing training and count towards Continuing Personal Development (CPD points). Each module usually accounts for 0.5 CPD points, which can be used as evidence of ongoing continuous professional training when renewing their RLSS UK lifeguard qualifications. These are free to all RLSS UK Lifeguard Members and Licence to Operate Members -  more details about member benefits, the cost, and how to apply are available here.


These are usually special interest modules and can be used to further a person’s working or volunteer career or for annual refresher training. Prices vary but are generally between £5 and £10 and will only appear on your RLSS UK Account if you are eligible to complete them.

All our courses are available by selecting Online Learning from the Awards and Training tab of your RLSS UK Account.

Further support on accessing online training

If you already have a RLSS UK Account, click here and log in using the username and password you have created.

Don’t have an account?

Click here and say YES, using your Society Number, nameemail address, and date of birth to claim your account in the system. You can use this guide for support.

Once logged into the system, follow these instructions to access the online learning.

For more RLSS UK Account (powered by tahdah) guides and tutorials, click here