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Every individual, organisation, club, branch, and group in our community is invaluable to us, and we endeavour to provide solutions and added value wherever possible in the hope that you will become a lifelong ambassador of the Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK). Together we can work towards the Charity's mission to be the leader in lifesaving and lifeguarding in the UK and Ireland. By sharing our combined expertise and knowledge, with as many people as possible, we can provide everyone with the potential to save lives and enjoy water safely. 

We hope you find the area useful, if you require further support please call 0300 323 0096 or email [email protected]. 

It is fitting that we recognise and thank those who are supporting RLSS UK by leaving a gift in their Will, or have indicated their intention to do so in the future, in response, we are delighted to announce that this generosity will be rewarded with an invitation to become a newly created.

1891 Life Fellow membership will include:    

      • An invitation to the RLSS UK Honours ceremony in the year they pledge. 
      • Life Fellows will also be invited to a dinner with the CEO Robert Gofton and President Deborah Hunt where they will have the opportunity to talk about current activities and future plans for the society.
      • An embroidered, limited edition tie or cravat.
      • Their name on the thank you plaque, at RLSS UK Head Office reception.

"Water has played a big role in my life and that is why I have chosen to leave a gift to RLSS UK in my Will – so that future generations can also enjoy water safely. It’s an added bonus that I have become one of the first 1891 Life Fellows. I’m delighted – it genuinely has made my day!"

Keith Bowden - 1891 Life Fellow

So that we can invite you to join the 1891 Society, we will send you a Pledge Form, letting us know, in complete confidence, about your legacy and your wishes. Indicating your support on this form is encouraging to RLSS UK but it has no legal consequences. It does not limit your freedom to alter your will in the future and is simply a statement of your present intentions.

"Having been involved in Lifesaving for over 20 years, I have chosen to leave a gift to RLSS UK in my Will to help future generations to enjoy water safely. I feel like I am now in a financially stable position to help others in the future."

Antony Coia - Secretary Open Water Rescue

If you would like to find out more about Legacy including our Free Will Service and Honey Legal, please contact;-

          • Write to: Gifts in Will Team, RLSS, Red Hill House, 227 London Rd, Worcester, WR5 2JG

If considering a Will doesn’t feel appropriate right now, any donation you feel you could give to the Society is always warmly welcomed.