Storm Geomatics is a leading surveyor that has provided high-quality data to engineers, informing projects that reduce flooding and improve natural habitats since 2006. 

Many of their operational activities are in and around inland water, and with many of their surveyors working near water, the safety of their employees is paramount. They regularly enrol their staff on water safety courses, with new recruits completing the RLSS UK National Water Safety Management Programme DEFRA (NWSMP DEFRA) Module 1 in the first week of employment, and staff are not allowed near the water until they have completed their RLSS UK National Water Safety Management Programme DEFRA (NWSMP DEFRA) Module 2 and RYA First Aid. RLSS UK training provider Bristol Maritime delivers the courses they attend. 

The training happens online and at Bristol Maritme's water safety training centre and involves land and water-based activities, aligning with DEFRA 1 and DEFRA 2 learning outcomes. The water safety course teaches them how dangerous water can be if not treated with respect, with course content focussing on identifying hazards, rescue techniques, personal safety, including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), risk management and more.

Caitlin Tonge, a Junior Surveyor at Storm Geomatics who has attended the water safety course, said about the training: “Passionate course leaders who provide very thorough and professional training. An excellent mix of classroom and practical learning related to individual industry needs. It is important we not only have the skills but the confidence in our abilities to work in and around water.” 

Alex Lyall, a surveyor who attended the course, said, “Knowledgeable instructors. Great to have theoretical knowledge and then backed up with practical experience of being in the water yourself and how to rescue someone who has fallen in. Having first-hand experience is great as it really shows how powerful rivers, tides and currents can be and allows us to risk assess situations better.”

On Bristol Maritime, Britt Hounslow, Office Manager at Storm Geomatics, added: “Bristol Maritime has been selected as Storm Geomatics’ main training provider as their selection of courses and availability meets our needs. With our guys on-site working, we needed a training solution tailored to our schedule. It’s also so easy to book courses, and communication is brilliant; they’re always very friendly and helpful, and our guys enjoy their courses.”

Chris Eades, Director of Bristol Maritime, said: “Storm Geomatics is a great example of a company that leads safety from the top. We have seen them grow over many years and become leaders in what they do. Even through that growth, they have always put safety training first and ensured their team are qualified and water-safe! They have embraced the RLSS UK DEFRA training scheme, showing why it is so important for the industries working near or in water.”

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