Earlier in the year, we announced our brand-new system powered by tahdah. Since our initial announcement, the world changed and, so did our goals. As course delivery was affected by COVID-19, we reduced the work to make online course management available and focused on the areas where we could best support the industry and our members. This enabled us to launch a range of free, online learning packages (including CPDs) much earlier than planned, and, with over 190,000 online modules taken, we think that this change in focus has really helped and supported everyone during the lockdown.

Work has moved back to finishing development and launching all features and, we wanted to give you an update. If you are not using tahdah yet, click here to start.

What you can currently do in the RLSS UK tahdah system

Click the links (in blue) to be taken to the guides!

All users can

✓ Claim or create your account
✓ Be in control of your personal details in the system
✓ Update your mailing preference
✓ Accept an invitation to be part of your training centre
✓ View your RLSS and IQL UK qualification history
✓ Download your current qualification and CPD certificates
✓ Take part in the FREE Online Learning 

All Members can

✓ Sign up to become a member and pay online
✓ Renew current membership (instructions in the email reminder)
✓ Set up a Direct Debit
✓ View and access all your membership benefits

Approved Training Centre (ATC) Co-ordinators can

✓ Check and edit your centre(s) details
✓ Invite people to link as ’staff’ to your sites (individual and upload)
✓ Allocate roles within the system for your staff
✓ View linked staff CPD and qualifications records with the ability to download certificates 

Features coming soon

Branches, Clubs and Approved Training Providers (ATPs) will be able to:
  • Check and edit organisation details
  • Invite people to link as ’staff’ to your organisation
  • Allocate roles within the system (e.g. Branch Chair, Admin etc.)
  • View members within your branch
  • Apply to become a newly affiliated Club and pay membership
  • Apply to become an Approved Training Centre/Provider
Trainers, Instructors and ATCs will be able to:
  • Create courses, add candidates, and submit assessment results for certification
  • Advertise courses on the new Course Finder
  • Receive enquiries and/or payments from potential candidates
Candidates will be able to:
  • View and directly book onto courses advertised in the new Course Finder
  • View and download certificates
  • Depending on the course they have booked on, access the candidate resource for the course
Clubs will be able to:
  • Check and edit all your Club details
  • Allocate ‘user levels’ to your volunteers
  • Invite people to join as ‘members’ of the Club
  • View historic courses and candidates
  • Communicate with Club Members
  • Create and promote events, such as Club AGMs
Branches will be able to:
  • Communicate with Branch Members
  • Manage your Honours nomination process
  • Create and promote events, such as Branch AGMs

Important information for now

While you get used to using your new tahdah account, the Trainer Assessor/Instructor resources and updates will continue to be available (in your RLSS Direct account). Once these are moved (to your tahdah account), we will let you know, and you will have everything you need is in one place. 

Course Finder
While we transition to the new system, the current Course Finder (available on RLSS Direct) remains available. Once the new Course Finder on tahdah is ready, there will be simple signposting between the sites to make sure that everyone looking for a course, can find one.

Purchasing candidate packs
At this time, you can continue to purchase candidate packs from RLSS Direct and send assessment forms to RLSS UK at Red Hill House. Assessment forms will be processed, and certificates made available on candidates’ RLSS UK tahdah account.

MyPortal users
For those of your that used MyPortal, you can continue to purchase License Keys and submit results (along with LK ref) on the MyPortal spreadsheet (available in your RLSS Direct resource area) to RLSS UK.