Lee Heard, Charity Director & Jo Talbot, Commercial Director

RLSS UK Trainer Assessors (TAs) are critical to RLSS UK for many reasons, and often the difference they make in the community and even to people they have never met can get lost in the day job.

RLSS UK Trainer Assessors (TAs) train our next lifesavers, who will hopefully be inspired to teach and influence the next generation; they are vital within this cycle. What they do impacts so many lives, as without those trained in how to save lives and stay safe in, on or around water, we would undoubtedly see more fatalities each year.

In 2021, 156,626 RLSS UK qualifications were awarded, including over 46,000 National Pool Lifeguard Qualifications (NPLQ) –an incredible number of professional lifesavers who continue to ensure our beaches, open water sites and especially pools are safe places for the public to enjoy water. 71% of lifeguards holding a RLSS UK NPLQ said they felt proud that they know how to save a person’s life - again proving how valuable the work of a TAs is.

RLSS UK TAs also contribute hugely to achieving the Charity’s mission to give everyone the potential to save lives and enjoy water safely. Any profits made resulting from enterprises such as our memberships, we put back into the Charity to achieve our mission.
One of the ways we do this includes providing free water safety education for school children, and in 2022 over 341,000 pupils received water safety advice through our free educational materials during Drowning Prevention Week (DPW). For the campaign, we created a brand-new animation showing how inspirational our lifeguards, trained by you, can be. The animated video had 2.79 million viewing opportunities on YouTube.

We understand the importance of working with the government to action change; therefore, we work hard with our lobbying efforts. During DPW, we engaged with over 50 MPs at Westminster, many of whom pledged to help with our drowning prevention efforts.
RLSS UK Membership and TAs have directly contributed to this charitable work.
There is still much for us to work toward to achieve our vision of nations without drowning where everyone can enjoy being in, on or near water - but your contribution is significant in realising it.

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