On 05 February 2022, RLSS UK Branches were asked to commit one individual to attend a Branch Briefing Day. The intention of the update was to discuss with branches the progress of the volunteer-led work to establish a new framework and guidance for RLSS UK Branches, looking ahead to delivering the charities 2020 – 2025 Strategic Framework.

We are asking branches to take the time to review the draft Branch Guidance and return any comments to [email protected] by Monday 28 February 2022.

Take a look at the draft guidance 

Watch the Branch Briefing Day

The meeting was held via Teams and can be watched back via the links below. The sessions have been split so you can watch the day back in manageable chunks.

Watch Session 1 - Keynote speeches from RLSS UK President - Mark and RLSS UK CEO - Robert Gofton 

Watch Session 2 – Keynote speeches from Andrew Shaw, who supported the volunteer-led working group to develop the concepts behind a potential new branch structure. In addition, a talk from Alan Sutherland - Trustee Lead for Sport on the Sport Action Groups plans

Watch Session 3 – Following member consultation, recommendations were signed off to provide branches with clear guidance to outline their purpose. This session outlines new guidance and covers a working example of a Branch Development Plan

Watch Session 4 - A feedback session from the breakout rooms that encouraged discussion about creating a Branch Development Plan

Watch Session 5 – This final session of the day looks at feedback from the two breakout sessions that explored ways to support and grow clubs and also increase volunteer numbers

Download the full attendee list

Launch of a New Community Pilot

A recommendation from the volunteer-led Task and Finish Group was to establish a community pilot that explored a new way of working

The Community Network Pilot has been established in Scotland and North East England.

The intention is to report back on pilot progress to trustees in November 2022 to analyse what has been learnt to date and make a decision on the next steps

Download the pilot guidance