The board have made the following decisions regarding the finances for Branches in 2020 and 2021 

 2020 proportions

  • Award proportions will be withheld with the exception of those completed prior to 01 March.
  • Membership proportions for 2020 are to be withheld.
  • Interest payments to Branches generated from the 'Branch Deposit Account' will be paid as usual.

2021 finances

  • To cover operational expenses, active branches* will be provided with single block funding of £300. Paid in Feb 2021.
  • Award and membership proportions will be withheld for the period of 01 January – 30 June and instead used to pay for the hardship and voucher initiatives.
  • Branches may approve expenditure from Branch reserves from 01 January 2021 for purchases up to the value of £400. Any purchases over £400 will require approval from the RLSS UK Finance Department. All purchases should be in line with the 'Guidance on Charitable Spend' -
  • All branches and affiliated clubs will be offered a £100 voucher to spend on RLSS shop products (Voucher valid 01 Feb- 31 May).
  • We will open a Hardship Fund for affiliated community organisations/clubs that are facing permanent closure due to impact of COVID-19. Branches will administer grants for individual organisations up to £300. Details will be shared with branches in January 2021

*active is defined as branches that have recorded expenditure in either 2019 or 2020.

The above shall be reviewed in Q2 by the Board in preparation for 01 July 2021. This is subject to change if there are further government restrictions that affect the charities finances.