UK-based Eagle Eye Innovations (EEI) are a unique company within the still fledgling Remotely Piloted Air Systems (RPAS) industry. Although there is a myriad of companies in the UK that deliver drone training, EEI is the only company that specialises in training and consultancy on Remotely Piloted Aircraft of all weight categories. 

EEI’s experience is unmatched, with a combined 70+ years of experience as instructors on the RAF's MQ-9 Reaper fleet and other crewed and uncrewed platforms. Although EEI’s instructors have left the RAF, they still provide RAF Reaper qualified civilian instructors to train new RAF crew members in the Reaper simulator.

Since 2015 EEI has trained and assisted organisations globally in understanding the incredible benefits and capabilities of Remotely Piloted Air Systems, more commonly referred to as drones. As the longest-running academy accredited by the CAA, EEI has trained and highlighted the advantages of this technology to a diverse audience, including a large proportion of the UK's police forces and other emergency services and large corporates in the sub 25 kg category.

“The partnership we have established with the RLSS UK brings an exceptional team that can emphasise and educate the disruptive capability of Remotely Piloted technology through professional training processes and world-class instructors. The flying skills and knowledge that the candidates will learn on the course will add a unique and lifesaving capability to their existing skillsets. It’s another great example of using Drones for Good”.

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