GoodSAM was launched in 2013 to change the response to cardiac arrest. The system is now used around the world, not only by ambulance services to crowdsource resuscitation, but also by all emergency services to locate emergency callers and open their video camera to get a better realisation of the emergency and the resources required.

GoodSAM is an app-based system that alerts registered individuals trained in lifesaving skills to the occurrences of incidents in their locality so that they can attend while an ambulance is en route.

Today, there are over a million GoodSAM app users, and on average, a trained responder is deployed every three minutes to a cardiac arrest, and the app is also home to the world's largest defibrillator registry. Now, the application is helping to plot more lifesaving equipment, including bleed kits, fire equipment, and water rescue equipment.

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