Active Apprentice launched its Sector Skills Academies for Sport project in partnership with Vision West Nottinghamshire College and offered via partners, including RLSS UK.

The Sector Skills Academies project will offer support to learners who want to get into the Sport and Physical Activity Sector. It will offer the opportunity to study courses that the industry values provide learners access to the knowledge and skills for critical industry roles, and potentially gain valuable, sustainable employment and in areas such as Beach Lifeguarding, Pool Lifeguarding and Training.

The Sector Skills Academy for Sport works by offering learners the chance to receive funded training as part of the Adult Education Budget (AEB) delivered by Vision West Nottinghamshire College partnered with Active Apprentice.

Learners will be taught via courses, both online and face to face, providing them with all of the required knowledge and skills to be able to pass an assessment within their chosen discipline. An assessment is only taken post-course if the learner decides they wish to pursue the career opportunity further. Assessment costs will need to be paid for by either the individual or their employer.

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The following training can be funded, with assessments incurring additional costs if required by the employer or candidate (click each link below to find out more).


Funded training will be available to all candidates in England that meet the eligibility criteria, and funding will cover or part-cover the cost of training.

Funding is allocated to each individual based on their circumstance. All candidates will need to pay a £50 administration fee to enrol. Assessments incur an additional cost; these provide certification (if required by the employer or candidate).

Candidates must:

  • Be aged 19 or over on the 31 August 2020
  • Be a UK or EU citizen for three or more years and have the right to abode in the UK
  • Not be in full-time education

If they meet the above, funding is awarded on different levels detailed below, but all candidates will only pay a £50 administration fee plus assessment fee if certification is required:

  1. Unemployed – fully funded
  2. Employed or self-employed but earned less than £4,251 in the last three months – fully funded
  3. Employed or self-employed but earned over £4,251 in the last three months – part-funded

In order for courses to be delivered, there will need to be a minimum number of fully funded and part funded candidates. To confirm eligibility and the level of funding, candidates will need to input their information into an online link where the College will be can assess eligibility for funding, found here.

I am a RLSS UK TA and would like to deliver a funded course

I would like to attend a funded training course