We currently have one method to process our qualifications and issues certificates.

Your Trainer will be able to advise when your certificate will be issued.

From July 2021, we introduced a new way for our trainers to manage courses. Rather than completing physical assessment forms, the trainer can now create courses using the Course Management system and submit course assessment results electronically.

This helps reduce our carbon footprint (by not printing and posting physical forms) and allows the certificates to be issued straight after a course has been completed - (providing all the checks go through correctly), and there are no issues that the system detects.

This means that rather than waiting up to 28 days to get your certificates, they could be waiting in your inbox by the time you get home!

The previous method - Using paper-based forms.

Stopped December 2022

If you completed one of our qualification or award training courses and successfully passed (congratulations!), you would have been given a copy of your assessment form. The copy of the assessment form acts as evidence that you have successfully gained the qualification or award until you get an email letting you know your certificate is ready to download. 

❗ It’s very important to keep a copy of this assessment form. ❗

(This process is very similar to how the DVLA issue driving licences on completion of your test) 

So, what happens next?

Once the trainer has completed the course paperwork, they keep a copy of the assessment forms and send one of the copies to our Head Office in Worcester. Our dedicated customer service team then review the assessment form and manually enter the details from the form into our system.

Once this has been completed and providing there are no errors on the assessment form, an email is sent to the person (you) on the paperwork. This lets you know your certificate is ready to download. If you haven’t already, it will also ask you to create an RLSS UK Account. 

How long does it take?

 So, this will depend on the type of qualification you have completed.

  • Regulated Courses (like NPLQ and First Aid) 15 working days from the day we receive the paperwork into our office. NOT the assessment date.
  • Non-Regulated Courses 28 working days from the day we receive the paperwork into our office. NOT the assessment date.

Please note due to COVID-19, OFQUAL have granted up to 60 days to process all assessment forms for regulated qualifications.