At the coming ILS Elective General Assembly, which will be held in the Gold Coast (Australia) on 28 August 2024, the following elections will take place for the 2024-2028 period:

  • The elections of the ILS President.
  • The election of the ILS Secretary General.
  • The election of the Chair of the Academy.
  • The election of the Chair of the Athletes Committee.
  • The ratification of the Regionally elected ILS Board Members.
  • The ratification of the ILS Commissions.
  • The elections of the Auditors.

If you are interested in applying for any of these positions, please see the link below.

Full details and application forms

All nominations should be submitted to [email protected] by Tuesday 14 May 2024.  Nominations will then be considered by RLSS UK’s Appointments Panel. Those representing RLSS UK internationally are expected to adhere to the details laid out in the document below.

RLSS UK International Representative Volunteer Roles & Responsibilities

ILS Objectives

ILS leads, collaborates and partners with national and international organisations to prevent drowning, to promote the provision of lifesaving services and oversee lifesaving sport throughout the world with the following specific objectives:

  1. Lead the global effort to develop and recommend best practice in drowning prevention, aquatic lifesaving, resuscitation and emergency care.
  2. Teach lifesaving and establish educational exchanges of aquatic lifesaving techniques and operations.
  3. Exchange medical and scientific experiences in the field of aquatic lifesaving and drowning prevention.
  4. Encourage the conduct of training and development of standards available to the whole of the aquatic lifesaving world for drowning prevention, lifesaving and lifesaving sport.
  5. Extend the teachings and activities of ILS to all places throughout the world and communicate and act in co-operation with other international humanitarian bodies.
  6. Promote uniformity concerning equipment, information, symbols and laws for control and regulation within the aquatic environment.
  7. Promote and organise lifesaving sports and regularly organise international aquatic lifesaving competitions in order to stimulate the interest of competitors to improve their ability and willingness to save people who are in danger in the aquatic environment.
  8. Encourage and oversee the convening of international congresses for the purpose of creating links of friendship, solidarity and collaboration between Members and other international bodies which pursue the same humanitarian goals.
  9. Encourage measures to prevent the pollution of waters and beaches and other elements, which are dangerous to the public and users of the aquatic environment.
  10. Take such other actions as ILS considers will advance these Objectives.

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