Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK) is committed to maintaining and developing an environment that is welcoming to people from all backgrounds and abilities

In May 2022, we conducted a Cultural Audit with The National Centre for Diversity (NCFD) to help identify what we currently do well, and where we could do better.

Results showed that RLSS UK is considered welcoming, fair and inclusive for most.

We saw that we need to be clearer about our commitments to inclusivity and diversity and that there also needs to be a heightened focus on working to remove barriers that prevent or discourage the inclusion of those with disabilities and LGBTQ+ members.

Based on the findings from the audit, we’re developing a detailed initial 12-month action plan to help make our society fairer and more inclusive for all our members.

Why an LGBTQ+ member network?

We believe that an LGBTQ+ member network offers the opportunity to ensure that we can remove barriers that prevent or discourage the inclusion of our LGBTQ+ members.

What is the purpose of the LGBTQ+ member network?

The purpose of the network will be to guide RLSS UK in ensuring our LGBTQ+ members feel welcomed and respected through effective representation in the society.

How many people will be in the initial working group?

We’d like to have representatives from across the LGBTQ+ community, whilst the overall make-up of the group will be determined by the number of applicants that would like to be involved.