The Royal Life Saving Society UK today welcomed the announcement from the Department for Education, to introduce lifesaving skills into schools from 2020.

In plans to improve the health, sex and relationships teaching for pupils in England, CPR, AED use and basic first aid will be taught.

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When a person goes into cardiac arrest we know that getting treatment in the first few minutes, in the form of CPR or a defibrillator, is crucial to improving the chances that the person will survive. All too often, these vital few minutes are before the emergency services are on the scene.

As part of their ‘How Not To Die From…’ series, BBC3 have produced a frank but heart-warming first-hand account about student Ben, who suffered a cardiac arrest at only 17-years-old.

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In our shops, schools and on our high streets, automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are an increasingly common sight. Most of us will go through our lives, never having to use an AED or assist in emergency situation; it’s little surprise then, how daunting the prospect can seem but our own anecdotal evidence tells us that, with or without dependents in our care, few of us have the confidence and skills to know what to in an emergency.

Let 2019 be the year you learn to save a life

 If you’re a parent, babysitter, teacher, student, older sibling, grandparent, group leader, appointed first-aider - RLSS UK have a wealth of both vocational and non-vocational courses aimed at training and educating people, from all walks of life, in vital lifesaving skills.

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Already trained?

Then GoodSAM need you!

 GoodSAM Responders can be the first on the scene in an emergency situation, alerting registered first-aiders from the general populace, to attend incidents whilst the emergency services are en-route.

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